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Glow Up For The Summer

Glow Up For The Summer | metafour

Your brand shouldn’t go on vacation just because you are. Making seasonal updates showcases aspects of your brand’s personality that you may not normally get to highlight. 

Transitioning to summer starts by freshening up your visuals. When you make seasonal updates, it shows that your brand is dynamic and helps boost search visibility during the ‘summer slump’.

Color psychology is an important avenue to explore when decoding your brand ’s summer personality. It’s a simple and effective tool to dial up brand engagement by appealing to the emotional center of the human brain.

To get started, create a summer color palette that play off of your brand colors. Use imagery, sound, and language that makes sense to your personality and appeals to your audience’s emotional connection with the season. Incorporate these changes across all your brand’s touchpoints to create a cohesive and immersive experience.


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