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Olfactory Marketing Makes Perfect ‘Scents’

Creating memorable experiences that establish strong emotional connections is hard and with the business landscape getting more competitive, companies are having to really think outside of the box. 

Out of all the senses, our sense of smell just may be the most powerful. A whiff of crisp October air takes many of us back to our elementary school days and the smell of fresh rain on hot pavement resurfaces the best summer memories. 

Scent is a great motivator and something to consider when thinking up brand strategies that appeal to the subconscious. When we think of scent marketing the obvious application would be brick and mortar businesses but there can be some creative ways to integrate olfactory memory into web-based businesses. 

Incorporating scent marketing into your mix can amplify your brand’s experience. “Olfactory and other sensory cues are hardwired into the brain’s limbic system, the seat of emotion, and stimulate vivid recollections,” says Gerald Zaltman, author of How Customers Think. Once a scent is embedded in an individual’s brain, even visual and verbal cues can trigger these memories. 

Olfactory marketing is more than just diffusing a pleasant smell in your space, it’s taking into account your audience, brand identity, and message to elevate these values and influence behavior by resurrecting pleasant memories. A cleaning company may incorporate citrus tones and bright, sunny images on their website. A bank or law firm may opt to use trees, wood, and a neutral color palette to invite feelings of warmth, security, and the smell of a brand new notebook.

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