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How We Work

Not every design and creative branding agency is created equal. At metafour, we know that the best results come from having the right people working on the right project. Our Atlanta-based team are experts in various areas, which is why each client is matched with a suitable group of experts to help them achieve their goals. With our proven strategies, your business is bound for wild success.


"When people talk, listen completely..."  -Ernest Hemingway

Starting with a clean canvas, we put our pens down and listen
intently to the 
challenges our clients are trying to solve. We believe
each client's story provides key insights into the opportunities we
can help bring to life. Through client engagement, we use digital marketing tools that allow us to gain an understanding and
appreciation for the business marketing challenges you face, identify
the disconnection between the "ideal" and the "actual" and pin-point workarounds that have been created due to broken processes.

paint easles


"There are no facts, only interpretations." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Through careful and thoughtful assessments, our team gains a deeper understanding of our client's needs and begin to frame the insights that come to light. Once appropriately framed, we meaningfully define the complete expression of the challenges we will solve.


"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible." - Jonathan Swift

In this design phase, our team will create a variety of concepts that push boundaries to allow us to properly vet and better determine which solution proves to be the most successful for you. The result will continue to evolve and take form throughout the design and branding process.

White Paint
Artist Holding a Paintbrush


"Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions." - Tony Robbins 

This is where ideas are implemented. Concepts go from ideas to reality; problems turn into stepping stones of growth. We will work closely with your team to ensure a seamless transition into these
new design, branding, and marketing plans. 

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