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Fall Into A Good Book | August 2019

Below are our top reading picks for August 2019. Happy reading!

It is two intertwining stories spanning 1980s AIDS epidemic to today. It’s a riveting and emotionally stirring novel about heartbreak, tragedy, friendship, loss, and survival.

The Great Believers

It is a fascinating real life lookinto the lives of three different women - with subjects of desire, love, infatuation and the choices we make when blinded by any of those emotions. An excellent read.

three women

A memoir written by a woman raised by a survivalist father. She lacked formal education and had to educate herself. She went on to Brigham Young University and her quest for knowledge took her to Cambridge.


Backed with years of extensive research Daring Greatly reminds us of the value of vulnerability and that great courage starts with being vulnerable.

Daring Greatly


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